Maisyn has a knack for empathy and introspection, and if you spend some time with her music you’ll know more about her heart and yours, too. The Los Angeles-based indie rocker is an emotional force, weaving her way “into the alternative mainstream, particularly the new generation of female rock stars [such as] Julia Jacklin, Camp Cope and Phoebe Bridgers [Floated Magainze].”  

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Maisyn started tapping into the scene at a young age. Playing at venues like Rockwood Music Hall and DIY touring across the east coast, she gradually gained confidence as a musician and performer. Though a self-proclaimed "Hudson Valley baby," Maisyn set roots in LA after graduating from the Popular Music Program at the Thornton School of Music in 2019. 

Maisyn started shaping her sound by writing and releasing music under her given name, Jessi Mason. Her 2019 double single “Everest / When it Rains in L.A.” marked the beginning of a new artistic era. These songs established the direction in which her sound would travel, “[channeling] the catchy sensibilities of indie rock and the emotional intimacy of Adele’s 21 [Atwood Magazine].” After experiencing true heartbreak, and coming to terms with the aftershock, the vulnerability in her music became a source of empowerment. 

Starting a new chapter, Maisyn embraces the parts of herself that she’s uncovered through the past years of growing pains and reconciliation. With the depth of icons like Bruce Springsteen and Joni Mitchell, and the melodicism of influences like Taylor Swift and HAIM, her music is an arrow aimed right at your heart. Guitar-driven and embellished with lush synths, Maisyn is exploring new sonic landscapes with fearless poise.