Music & Lyrics by Jessi Mason
Produced by Joey Messina-Doerning, Mallory Hauser, and Jessi Mason
Mixed and Mastered by Joey Messina-Doerning
Guitar - Mallory Hauser and Jessi Mason
Bass - Devin Hoffman and Joey Messina-Doerning
Synth Programming - Alex Ryan
Drums - Jacob Guzman


When it rains in L.A. I go grey like the weather
On darker days it don’t take much to remember
The accusations that you made
And the weight of us being together
Well it’s better this way
Oh it’s raining in L.A.

When it rains in L.A. I can still see your breath
A heavy haze, our legs tied my head on your chest
A New York kind of winter, love laced with bitterness
We have nothing to save
Oh it’s raining in L.A.

Gave you myself torn down the middle
Don’t you dare call me noncommittal
Because I stuck it out through the longest draught
Til the skies opened up
Oh and I’d had enough
I’d had enough

When it rains in L.A. I still hear your poignant choice of words
Cruel and sterile like you wanted it to hurt
And I recall the moment that I knew there was more I deserved
Couldn’t live that way

Oh it’s pouring rain
Oh it’s raining today